Voicebox Technologies, has unveiled the company’s new Embedded Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) product for automotive applications.

Integrated with NLU technology, VoiceBox’s Embedded ASR offers automakers a solution to power the next generation of in-car voice systems.

“In-car systems have long been held back by their lack of available alternatives in ASR software,” said Kymeta Corporation (automotive grade software) SVP, Tom Freeman.

“By providing their DNN [ Deep Neural Networks] enhanced ASR together with their NLU [natural language understanding] VoiceBox now offers automotive companies the opportunity to advance their in-car solutions.”

Designed to convert speech into text, which is then processed through NLU, VoiceBox’s embedded ASR supports more than 20 languages, with company claiming its solution is the first of its kind to offer DNN, which enable the processing of complex, contextual conversations.

It also says it is the only ASR technology to include parallel hybrid processing with machine learning. This allows user queries to be simultaneously processed in both embedded and cloud systems.