Visteon Corporation said it was supplying a range of advanced driver information and information displays, including new dual view technology, for the Jaguar F-Pace crossover.

Its high-line, 12.3-inch, fully reconfigurable cluster and displays for JLR's latest infotainment system provide the driver interface for many of the vehicle's new communications features.

Eight-inch single view and 10-inch single and dual view displays are part of the new infotainment system. The optional dual view display incorporates significant improvements in display clarity, offering the highest resolution automotive display of its kind. By splitting light into left and right components, dual view displays can show different content – such as navigation for the driver and video for the passenger – that is only visible in the user's viewing angle.

The instrument cluster is the latest generation of Visteon's claimed industry-first fully reconfigurable cluster platform first launched on JLR's Range Rover and Jaguar XJ models. The cluster's 12.3-inch digital screen can be reconfigured in up to four different themes, including full navigation map view. Enhancements in software development and graphics performance include true 3-D rendering capability.

Visteon supplies three versions of the information display integrated in the crossover's InControl Touch infotainment system. The responsive multi-touch 8-inch single view display is fitted as standard while a 10-inch single view display is included on the optional InControl Touch Plus. 

As a further option, enhanced dual view technology simultaneously presents two images – with no interference – in one display. Split into two 1280×542 (135 dpi) views, this 10-inch display is claimed to be the highest resolution dual view display on the market – offering the same high resolution as single view displays and ensuring that dual view customers no longer need to accept an inferior user experience.

The displays also include a capacitive touch panel, capable of supporting multi-touch (up to 10 touches simultaneously) and simple, intuitive pinch, zoom and slide controls – much like using a tablet.