Tata Motors owned Jaguar Land Rover retail sales in fiscal 2019/20 (to 31 March, 2020) were down 12.1% year on year to 508,659 vehicles, “primarily as a result of the coronavirus pandemic significantly impacting sales in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year”.

The company’s total retail sales for the fourth quarter ending 31 March 2020 were 109,869 vehicles, down 30.9% year on year. 

Fiscal 2019/20 sales were down across all regions with lower sales in North America (7.5% down on record prior year), China (8.9%), UK (9.6%), Europe (16.1%) and ‘overseas’ (20.3%).

China saw double digit growth in Q2 and Q3 and, with lockdown measures easing, nearly all of the company’s retailers in the region have now reopened and sales are recovering. 

Despite the impact of coronavirus, retail sales of the Evoque were up 24.7% and sales of the electric I-Pace increased 40.0%.

JLR has temporarily suspended production at factories outside China, including Brazil.