Veoneer and insurance company, Swiss Re are pooling their knowledge concerning road safety technologies to enhance the evaluation and development of advanced driver-assistance technologies and related services.

Yearly, almost 1.4m lives are lost and 50m people are injured on roads globally, with ADAS showing potential in reducing the number of road crashes and mitigating the number of fatalities and severe injuries.

In 2019, Swiss Re launched the ADAS Risk Score with the aim of creating a vehicle-specific insurance rating, taking driver assistance systems into account.

Through the partnership, Veoneer will enhance its ADAS technology using Swiss Re’s empirical knowledge of real-world performance of ADAS systems based on insurance-relevant insights and approach to risk modelling. A better understanding of how a vehicle is driven in contexts, such as differing road or weather conditions, will reveal the opportunities and limitations of current systems in more detail.

At the same time, Swiss Re will benefit from Veoneer’s experience in ADAS hardware and software technologies. This information will feed into the Swiss Re ADAS Risk Score. Consequently, insurers will gain from being able to assess the latest car safety technologies for insurance purposes.

“With extended knowledge about the real-world performance of various ADAS technologies in different parts of the world, we can develop systems used by vehicle manufacturers globally that support drivers in an even better way,” said Veoneer CTO, Steven Jenkins.

A joint white paper “The significance of progress, Implications of the diversity and complexity of ADAS for road safety and the insurance landscape,” can be found on