Velodyne Lidar has announced a multi-year sales agreement with Gatik, working in automating on-road transportation networks for B2B middle mile logistics.

Gatik uses Velodyne’s lidar sensors as part of a fully redundant sensor suite to deliver goods safely between micro-fulfilment centres, dark stores and retail locations; a logistics flow known as the middle mile.

Gatik fulfills autonomous orders daily for multiple Fortune 500 customers in the US and Canada, including Walmart.

Gatik uses Velodyne’s Alpha Prime and Ultra Puck lidar sensors to support short-haul logistics with navigation for real-time autonomous operations. Gatik operates a fleet of class 3-6 trucks, equipped with multi-temperature compartments, seven days a week, 12 hours a day, on routes up to 300 miles in multiple markets across North America.

"Velodyne's sensor solutions have the proven performance, reliability and resilience our AVs need to operate safely and efficiently in complex urban operational design domains," said Gatik CTO and co-founder, Arjun Narang.

"We're excited to be rapidly scaling our autonomous solution with the support of Velodyne's lidar technology."

Velodyne's Alpha Prime and Ultra Puck sensors, which use Velodyne's 3D surround view technology, provide real-time object detection needed for safe navigation and reliable operation.

They detect and track vehicles, pedestrians and other obstructions to help autonomous vehicles safely navigate at various speeds, travelling in a range of road conditions such as rain, sleet and snow.