Varroc Lighting has opened a new hall for manufacturing rear and fog lamps in the Moravian-Silesian region of Czech Republic, creating 350 jobs.

“The combination of modern technologies, the arrangement of the premises and the hall’s supply chain means strong customisation for new orders and an increased capability of the whole company,” said Varroc Lighting European Business Unit VP, Kristijan Fiket. 

The new manufacturing facility has been built with Industry 4.0 principles, bringing together automated lines and employees.

“Our development and manufacturing teams operate effectively to bring cost-competitive products to market as quickly as possible,” added Varroc SVP Global Product Development, Todd Morgan.

“Varroc’s strong portfolio of cutting-edge technology equips us to respond quickly to all customer requests.”

The M8 Hall has an area of 7,200 square metres and includes injection moulding and plating machines, welding processes and assembly lines. The company expects the hall will reach full production capacity in one year.

The new facility will produce rear lamps and front fog lamps with an annual production capacity of around 1m pieces.

The biggest work organisation and logistics innovation of the M8 hall is the Virtual Factory. Based on intelligent production, Varroc says the system speeds up the troubleshooting process by allowing operators to call for supervisor assistance with the push of a button.