Varroc Lighting Systems has announced a significant increase of its production capabilities in the Moravian region of the Czech Republic with the opening of a 7,000-square meter production hall.

"The new premises and the overall strategic extension of our production and testing capacity in the Rychvald plant clearly illustrate how important the North Moravian region is for our company," said Todd C. Morgan, Senior Vice President, Global product Development. "Our investments influence our future competitiveness and prosperity, and it is important to innovate and use the full potential of new technologies."

The hall, Varroc's fifth in the Rychvald plant, will feature 'cutting-edge technologies' and boost the company's ability to manufacture more efficiently and service production lines more rapidly.

"The hall will produce both rear lamps and smart headlamps with LED and Matrix technologies known as Adaptive Driving Beam. Once all production lines are on with the full production range, we should achieve the total output of up to 1 million lamps a year in a matter of months," said Radim Cerný, Rychvald Operations Director.

Once production is at full capacity, the facility will feature five lines, including fully automated injection moulding machines, hard coat lines for UV protection, and lamp assembly lines. Other features of the new facility include:

  • Predictive equipment maintenance technologies
  • Advanced material flow monitoring and intelligent logistics management equipment
  • Energy efficient lighting and duct system and waste heat recovery system
  • High-quality photometric hall equipped with the latest goniometer
  • Operational optimization is aligned with Varroc Excellence System strategy

The total number of employees in the company's Rychvald facilities will rise to approximately 800 when the new hall is fully operational.

"In addition to worker positions, we are offering jobs in positions with a higher added value," said Ema Macourková, HR Operations Manager. "We offer careers for quality controllers, process engineers, foremen, and team leaders, as well as for workers. Applicants can take requalification courses and induction training to become part of a family of more than 3,000 current employees of Varroc Lighting Systems in the Czech Republic within weeks."