Valmet Automotive‘s car plant in Uusikaupunki will in future produce battery systems for EVs in much higher volume.

This is in addition to the Salo battery plant. Uusikaupunki will become the second plant for high volume battery system production as part of of a strategy to establish Valmet Automotive as a Tier 1 system supplier for battery systems and modules. The battery factory in Uusikaupunki is scheduled to go into operation in the second half of 2021.

Construction on the Salo battery plant should be completed in summer 2021.

Contract vehicle manufacturing will remain at Uusikaupunki with high voltage and high volume battery system production as an additional offer to OEMs.

Valmet Automotive was recently nominated as a Tier-1 system supplier for a battery programme by “a leading, new customer from the automotive industry”. The contract includes the assembly of the battery pack as well as production of the cell modules.

“Combining car manufacturing and battery system production in one plant additional to our Salo plant nearby, we do not just offer a unique package to our customers, but also make an important contribution to protecting the environment,” said CEO Olaf Bongwald.

Valmet Automotive has been doing small series battery system production for years in Uusikaupunki with a battery test centre on site as well.

The main focus of testing activities has so far been on battery systems for industrial applications.