Valeo has launched what it maintains is the first global research centre in artificial intelligence and deep learning dedicated to automotive applications.

Artificial intelligence and deep learning are increasingly becoming key drivers for the challenges of the automated cars; from high-performing perception sensors for vehicle context understanding to advanced automated driving functions in complex environments, smart interaction with users and learning capabilities through connected vehicles.

By launching, Valeo aims to host an open community network dedicated to the development of automotive applications in artificial intelligence and deep learning. With the objective of connecting with the worldwide scientific community, will be based in Paris. will host 100 specialists by the end of 2018 and become a global competence centre for algorithm, infrastructure, learning process, validation and simulation in artificial intelligence..

"In light of today's autonomous and connected vehicle challenges, Valeo, as a technological leader, is at the leading edge of scientific thought on artificial intelligence and deep learning," said Valeo chairman and CEO, Jacques Aschenbroich.

"With, our goal is to create a research centre that partners with the world's best laboratories in the field and actively contributes to the development of applications for the car of the future.

"Located in Paris, it will welcome our scientific partners as well as researchers and engineers who are eager to join us in this major scientific and technological adventure."