Interfax reports that UzDaewoo Auto produced 22,107 units in the first half of 2002 – 9% down on the same period of last year.

The report says that the company assembled 3,170 Tico models, down from 6,105 in the first half of 2001; 4,060 Damas, down from 4,400; 9,337 Nexias, down from 13,775; and 5,540 Matiz models, which the plant began making in August 2001.

Quoting a source on Uzavtoprom – the Uzbeki partner in the venture – the report adds that UzDaewoo Auto plans to assemble about 50,000 vehicles this year, up from 41,000 last year. The company plans to export 15,900 cars, including 12,060 Nexias and 3,582 Matiz models.