Volkswagen AG has purchased a Peregrine Systems electronic catalogue system for the company’s global e-procurement system.

The system will be used across the entire Volkswagen Group, including Audi, Skoda and Seat, and comprises catalogue software, content management services and search engine capabilities.

“The new Peregrine system will help Volkswagen post catalogues, aggregate data from its entire trading community and then manage that data for posting in its global e-procurement system,” said Klaus Osterloh, manager of B2B-project catalogue purchasing at Volkswagen.

“It will not only help us move our purchasing to the next level of e-procurement, but will ensure the integrity of our data. In e-procurement, if you can’t find precise items within a catalogue, you can’t close a purchase, nor can you reap the full benefit from e-trading on the net.”

Volkswagen suppliers send their data to an e-commerce portal where the information is transformed, validated and consolidated. The converted data is subsequently sent to Volkswagen.

A gatekeeper tool enables the purchasing department at Volkswagen to verify and proof-read the data sent by the suppliers. After individual items are either accepted or rejected, they are sent to the internal catalogue to be used for optimal searches.