Cross Country Automotive Services is providing On Call Plus, Volvo North America’s first comprehensive telematics service.

The system, available in 2003 S60, V70 and S80 models, features automatic crash notification, ‘mayday’ services, alarm notification, stolen vehicle tracking, location-enabled roadside assistance, remote door unlock and remote vehicle diagnostics.

The system uses multiplex information management plus backup battery and antenna sources to help ensure systems operation in the event of an accident.

As well as recognising the deployment of airbags and seatbelt pretensioners, the system can detect severe rear end collisions and connect automatically to the response centre if any of the features are activated.

The back-up battery and antenna are located in the dashboard as far away from potential crash locations as possible.

Cross Country developed and manages the response centre’s communication systems, vehicle data decoding/processing protocols and incoming/outgoing data routing.

When the vehicle comes off the assembly line, the factory sends an electronic file directly to Cross Country providing vehicle information that is stored in a pre-activated database.

On delivery of a telematics equipped Volvo, the dealer uses an activation website to enrol the new owner in the service which is free for the first year.

A specialist is available to take the owner’s first call, review available service features and collect additional personal information for use if an accident occurs.

The system has a dash mounted keypad and phone handset with hands-free operation via a microphone located above the interior rear-view mirror and a dedicated speaker in the driver’s seat headrest.

Steering wheel mounted controls are included and an instrument cluster display shows the estimated time of arrival for roadside services.

The system is standard on the S80 T6 and optional for the 2.9 and the entire line of S60, V70 and V70 Cross Country models for $US835 including a 12-month subscription. A $19.95 monthly service fee subsequently applies.