Distribution and Auto Service (DAS) will handle the North American ports of entry processing, and transportation of Chinese-built Visionary Vehicles cars in North America.

“DAS will play a key role in the development of our vehicle point of entry processing and transportation infrastructure, ensuring that we are able to give our dealers exceptional support,” said Visionary’s vice chairman Per Arneberg.

DAS, headquartered in Wilmington, California, with operations throughout North America, has 1,200 employees and currently handles 1.6 million vehicles annually.

Visionary Vehicles plans to begin importing an annual volume of 250,000 Chery cars from Wuhu, China commencing mid 2007 through FRAM Shipping, Ltd. Once the cars have entered North America, DAS will be responsible for distributing them throughout the dealership network recently reported to be 30 firm, with 163 more in negotiations.

The vehicles will arrive in North American ports and DAS will be responsible for the vehicle receipt at port of entry, vehicle preparation and inspection, and distribution to dealers.

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