Dana.gif” width=”120″ height=”71″ align=”left”>The path
to success for vehicle producers and their suppliers is a shared understanding
that vehicle development must be a partnership, Dana Corporation chairman Joe
Magliochetti said in a keynote address at the 2001 Automotive News World Congress
in Detroit.

"In case Wall Street has not reminded us sufficiently over the past year,
it’s not enough to deliver a top-notch component, system, or vehicle,"
Magliochetti said.

"We also must deliver performance that delights our customers and our

He added that connectivity, defined as the ability of all supply chain participants
to communicate quickly and clearly in a common language, will be critical to
this effort.

"As vehicle producers and their supply partners become more closely aligned,
connectivity may well become the single most important factor for success,"
he said.

The industry trend toward modular systems integration is one of the key areas
that will be enhanced by increased connectivity and its inherent positive correlation
to efficiency.

"The sooner we embrace the modular trend in North America, the sooner
our industry will maximise performance in terms of quality, efficiency, and
shareholder value.

"In the end, it is the understanding and acknowledgement that vehicle
development must be a partnership – a mutual pursuit – that will enable both
suppliers and vehicle producers to be successful."