In an effort to help their automobile dealership clients reduce the communications expense associated with operating remote dealerships, Universal Computer Systems (UCS) today announced that it has created the technology to enable dealership clients to safely run their remote dealerships via the Internet.

“We are very excited about this exclusive new technology,” said Dan Agan, senior vice president of sales and marketing for UCS. “Our clients can now save hundreds to even thousands of dollars a month in T1 lease line or frame relay communications expenses.”

A unique encryption technique patented by UCS protects all dealership data as it is transferred over the Internet.

“Dealers are very sensitive about the confidentiality of their data and, given the number of hacker and virus scares we hear about every day, may be hesitant to operate their dealerships over the Internet,” said Trey Hiers, marketing manager for UCS. “Our exclusive encryption process makes communicating via the Internet completely safe.”

About Universal Computer Systems

Universal Computer Systems (UCS), based in Houston, Texas, supplies comprehensive software solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of automobile dealerships. Founded in 1970, UCS has built a solid reputation as being the industry leader in innovation. UCS offers client/server technology and open systems architecture, while providing the most integrated suite of software applications available for dealerships. For more information on UCS, visit the company’s web site at or call the UCS Marketing Department at 1-800-231-6347.