CSM Worldwide has released analysis showing that Toyota currently faces more competition in Western Europe than any other automaker. Hyundai currently faces the least competition, it says, adding that this situation will remain unchanged through 2011.

“The level of competition within a market gives a company an idea of what it can charge for its product within that market,” says Greg Mount, chief economist for CSM Worldwide.

“High competition tends to lead to slimmer margins while low competition tends to lead to wider margins.”

A list of automakers in order of those facing the most competition to least competition in Western Europe according to CSM analysis:

1) Toyota
2) General Motors
3) Renault/Nissan
4) PSA
5) BMW
6) Volkswagen
7) Ford
8) Hyundai

CSM uses economic measures of competition based on the number of participants in a market in combination with market segment analysis to create an estimate of a company’s competitive position.