BRG Townsend’s Automotive Newswire reports that Toyota Motor has taken another step toward its goal of achieving zero landfill waste at all of its assembly plants by endorsing DuPont’s Composite Recycle Technology to reclaim and reuse nylon 6 from engine intake manifolds.

The report said Toyota and DuPont tested two intake manifolds, one moulded with virgin nylon compound and the second moulded from 100% recycled content nylon, and the results showed that manifolds made from the recycled material fell inside the specification for leaks, bursting and breaking strength.

According to the report, Toyota plans to adopt the closed-loop Composite Recycle Technology to reclaim nylon 6 from air intake manifolds and says it currently recycles 88% of its vehicles and is developing recycling strategies to increase that rate to 95% by 2015.