In its continuing commitment to be an environmental leader, Toyota Motor Manufacturing North America (TMMNA) has issued an aggressive plan for its U.S. and Canadian manufacturing operations in order to reduce overall impact on the environment.

By meeting the goals developed by TMMNA together with its plants, Toyota’smanufacturing facilities will significantly reduce energy usage, volatileorganic compounds (VOCs), hazardous waste landfill disposal and water usage.

“We have developed stringent guidelines to focus on continualenvironmental performance improvements through the year 2005,” said KevinButt, head of TMMNA’s Environmental Affairs Department.

“We intend to beproactive in our environmental efforts rather than just striving to meetregulations.”

Specifically, Toyota’s “Environmental Action Plan” spells out targets toachieve the following goals by 2005:

* Reduce electric and natural gas usage by 15 percent per unit

* Reduce VOCs by 30 percent per unit

* Reduce hazardous waste disposal at landfills by 95 percent per unit

* Reduce water usage by 15 percent per unit

Also as part of the plan, Toyota (NYSE: TM) is requiring its businesspartners, specifically suppliers, to meet goals set forth in its “GreenSupplier Guidelines” publication sent out this summer.

The North American plan is part of Toyota’s Global Earth Charter whichoutlines the corporation’s commitment to the environment.

“We want to set clear standards so that we can continuously improveenvironmental performance,” said Butt, referring to Toyota’s objectives.

The next step will be for the company’s U.S. and Canadian plants todevelop their own action plans to achieve the overall objectives.