TireDex.com, the leading global electronic marketplace specific to the tire and wheel industry, today announced that its combined tire and wheel inventory has exceeded $20 million.

$19.8 million in tire inventory and $2.2 million in wheel inventory is currently listed on the TireDex.com exchange, an online marketplace launched just six months ago to bring industry buyers and sellers together.

“Total inventory is one of the indicators we use to evaluate the strength of our marketplace,” said Terence Scheckter, TireDex.com CEO. “$20 million in total inventory clearly delineates us as the premier exchange in our industry, and testifies to the broad acceptance of our market design by tire and wheel dealers.”

Total inventory at TireDex has more than doubled since the end of March 2000, at which point the exchange listed just $8.6 million in inventory. The sharp rise in listings has coincided with the growth of the TireDex trading community, which now includes more than 1,600 active trading members across 64 countries.

“Volume and selection are setting TireDex apart as the go-to destination for tire and wheel dealers looking to trade inventory on the web,” said Ron Vines, TireDex.com Vice President of Marketing. “As our inventory increases, so will the number of excellent deals that our members are already finding at TireDex.”

TireDex.com, Inc. operates the first real-time, neutral, global electronic exchange for tires and wheels. TireDex provides more than 1,600 tire and wheel manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers across 64 countries the opportunity to trade inventory in a faster, more efficient and cost-effective manner than is available in the offline market today. Joining TireDex.com is currently free by registering at www.tiredex.com.