FordDirect, an internat-based sales lead system founded in 2000 by a group of US dealers, is expanding to include the automaker’s Volvo, Land Rover and Jaguar brands.

Each month, the system generates more than 150,000 internet referrals for new vehicles and is claimed to reach over 15 million internet shoppers.

“The expansion beyond Ford dealers is a testament to [the system’s] success,” said Ford marketing and sales chief Steve Lyons. “Last year sales from FordDirect referrals represented 9% of Ford Division retail sales. With these results it’s easy to see why our other divisions and retailers want to take advantage of [its] marketing services.”

FordDirect was established in August 2000 and launched its first 15 dealers in New Jersey on December 20. Today, over 4,200 dealers are enrolled in the service, which include new, used and call tracking products.

“FordDirect’s success has been tremendous, and has vastly exceeded my expectations,” said spokesman Bill Keith, a Ford dealer principal and chairman of the organisation.

“The unique nature of our joint venture is a great example of what dealers and the manufacturer can accomplish when they work towards a common goal. There’s nothing like this in the industry.”