Strong sales and better automotive design, which has resulted in longer lifespans,
have led to an increasing number of vehicles on the road, according to a report
compiled by Frost & Sullivan.

This has led to strong demand for brake parts, as worn brakes cannot be ignored.
Increased vehicle longevity, combined with new design and consumer trends, will
continue to drive this industry to profitable growth.

"The number of brake system parts sold each year is directly proportional
to the number of vehicles in operation," says Frost & Sullivan industry
expert Kavan Mukhtyar. "The number of light vehicles in use from 1996 to
1999 increased from 193 million to 203 million."

According to new strategic research from Frost & Sullivan, "US Brake
System Parts Aftermarket," this industry generated revenues of just over
$US2 billion in 1999. Frost & Sullivan projects revenues to reach $US3 billion
in 2006.