SmarTire Systems#; tyre pressure monitoring system has been included on a Jeep Grand Cherokee Concierge, a prototype shown this week by the Liberty and Technical Affairs advanced technology development group of DaimlerChrysler.

The Concierge is designed to maximise vehicle safety, comfort and convenience through the inclusion of innovative, leading edge technologies.

The SmarTire system includes a tyre monitoring sensor mounted to the back of the valve stem inside each tyre and a centralised receiver. The sensors continuously measure tyre pressure and temperature and transmit this information to the receiver. Any abnormal change in pressure or temperature results in a warning to the driver.

Installed on the Concierge in conjunction with an automatic tyre air pump, the combined system automatically re-inflates tyre pressure to a specified level, ensuring optimal inflation of tyres under different situations and temperatures. In addition to the safety factor, proper tyre inflation also extends tyre life, increases fuel economy and improves performance in braking, handling and speed rating.