When encountering a Safety Warning System (SWS) transmitter, SK Global America’s
new Early Warning LRD-7070 uses a digital voice and a text display to notify drivers
of specific hazards. In all, there are 64 SWS messages divided into five categories –
Highway Construction/Maintenance, Highway Hazards Zone Advisory, Weather
Related Hazards, Travel Information/Convenience and Fast/Slow Moving Vehicles.

The LRD-7070’s digital voice, which allows drivers to keep their attention
focused on the road ahead, also performs another innovative safety-related function:
When the unit’s power is switched on, it greets the vehicle’s occupants with
the message, "Welcome. Buckle your seatbelt."

Yet another unique feature of the LRD-7070 is an electric compass function,
which provides heading information in direction and degrees.

More than 10 million SWS receivers are in use across the USA, along with transmitters
in 33 states.