Sharp Corporation is introducing a proprietary ASV (Advanced Super View) liquid crystal display (LCD) technology for the automotive market.

This rugged LCD is targeted for manufacturers of next generation in-vehicle applications, such as navigation, auto PC/telematics, dashboard instrumentation, HUD and rear-seat entertainment.

The new ASV technology achieves wider side-to-side and up-down viewing angles, and offers designers greater improvements in both contrast and brightness.

The ASV technology advantages are derived from a brand-new LCD mode, developed by and proprietary to Sharp that offers distinctive improvements over conventional Twisted-Nematic (TN) displays.

Compared with current LCDs, which have been constrained by limited viewing angles, response times of 80 milliseconds (ms) or more and the presence of bright dot defects, the ASV LCD is greatly advanced in all three parameters.

Its new, normally black liquid crystal display and ultra-high aperture (UHA) ratio TFT eliminates bright pixel defects and improves response time to 25 ms or less, for a smooth display of real-time video.

Key features of ASV technology-based displays include viewing angle up to 170 degrees (horizontal) x 170 degrees (vertical), response times of 25 ms or less and a full-motion video display capability.