The Rubber Manufacturers Association, the leading trade association for the finished rubber products industry, said today it is committed to working with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to put into place as quickly as possible a new world-class tire safety standard and an early reporting system for safety-related data.

RMA has been working with NHTSA to accelerate regulations that give all consumers a world-class testing standard for tires,” said RMA President & CEO Donald B. Shea. “The industry is committed to working with NHTSA to get a rule in place as quickly as possible and doing everything we can to promote further safety.

“RMA worked closely with Congress and is pleased a solid piece of legislation was adopted,” Shea continued. “We are unequivocal in our support of those features in the bill that will promote safety.

“The legislation, which we expect will be signed into law soon, now gives us the ability to work with NHTSA to develop a rule for an early reporting system of safety-related data. RMA will work with NHTSA to move this regulatory process forward so that any and all safety-related data are given to consumers at the earliest time possible.”

RMA is the primary national trade association for the finished rubber products industry in the U.S. Comprised of two divisions, the General Products Group and the Tire Group, RMA’s member-company organizations contribute upwards of $20 billion in finished rubber product shipments to the global economy. RMA is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and is recognized as the leading business advocate, resource and information clearinghouse for and about today’s diversified rubber industry.