Johnson Controls’ AutoVision rear-seat entertainment system will be an option on the Renault Vel Satis by the end of year.

The system can be used to play both DVD (digital versatile disc) movies and audio CDs (compact discs).

In the Vel Satis, the AutoVision system is located in the centre console and features an electrically powered “pop-up” video screen. Whenever the system is not in use, the monitor disappears into the console, and a lid protects it from potential theft. The screen is electronically adjustable to a passenger’s viewing angle, and an infrared remote control puts all functions at a viewer’s fingertips.

Rear-seat passengers can use the system at any time, without disturbing the driver or front-seat passenger.

Passengers can watch a movie or listen to a CD using stereo headphones. The 6.5-inch monitor is a high-grade TFT display.

The AutoVision is also available in Europe in the Opel Zafira minivan and the Omega station wagon. In both vehicles, the system is integrated into the overhead console. Johnson Controls currently has 22 sold AutoVision programmes with car makers in North America and Europe.