Republican Congressional Representative Michael Oxley of Ohio, said yesterday that his state and Alabama are the top two locations for Hyundai’s proposed North American car plant, according to USA Today.

The newspaper cited Oxley, who met with Hyundai executives on Saturday in South Korea, as saying he believes the car maker will decide on the final location by late February or early March.

USA Today said that Hyundai president Dong-jin Kim and other executives are expected to visit two Ohio sites later this week. The car maker reportedly also is considering a site near Montgomery, Alabama, as well as sites in other Southern states, the newspaper added.

USA Today said that the $US1 billion car plant will employ about 2,000 workers and that Ohio state governor Bob Taft has offered Hyundai an incentive package.

”We’ve got everything they’re looking for in terms of transportation, workforce and a track record of automobile production,” Oxley told USA Today.

The newspaper said that Oxley talked with Hyundai executives, toured facilities and test drove some of the company’s models while in South Korea. Hyundai executives told him they want to be among the top five car makers in the world in a few years, USA Today added.