Cadillac based on 2001 Deville

Cadillac has built a new limousine for President George W. Bush, the first chief
executive of the new millennium.

The 2001 DeVille was delivered to The White House for its first official duties
in the Presidential inaugural parade on January 20. It’s the first Cadillac
to be adorned with the division’s new wreath-and-crest emblem.

The new limousine looks similar to the 2001 DeVille production models but is
unique under the skin.

Handcrafted with a black clearcoat finish, the president’s new Caddy is considerably
longer, wider and taller than the production models. To maintain national security,
it’s equipped with state-of-the-art protection and communication systems including
Cadillac’s Night Vision infrared object detection system.

The interior boasts seven-passenger seating with improved comfort and visibility
for all occupants finished with wood accents and rich blue leather and cloth.

A rear seat ‘executive package’ featuring a concealed, foldaway desktop can
be deployed when conducting affairs of state. The rear seats have an adjustable
reclining feature and adaptive seat system for added comfort.

Rear seat passengers have their own premium sound system with a 10-disc CD

Presidential seals are positioned in the centre of the rear seat back panel,
on each rear door trim panel and the exterior of each rear door.

The U.S. flag is placed on the right front fender, and the presidential standard
is located on the left front fender. Flush-mounted spotlights located in the
fenders illuminate the flags at night.

Cadillac General Manager Michael J. O’Malley said: "Just as Air Force
One is a flying Oval Office, this new Cadillac provides the same amenities for
our nation’s leader while travelling on the ground."