Norgren Automotive today announced its innovative VCF Vacuum Cup line, according to Guy Potok, president. The low profile cup is designed to minimize the marks vacuum systems can leave on sheet metal during the transfer of parts during the stamping process, which will reduce waste and improve press line efficiency.

“The VCF Vacuum Cup line is representative of Norgren Automotive’s overall high-quality product initiatives,” said Potok. “We’re dedicated to continually anticipating customer needs and developing innovative products that make doing business easier.”

The new cup has a unique, soft, pliable center, patent pending, that holds atmospheric pressure, while the outer portion of the cup maintains vacuum. This new design reduces the number of wasted panels by decreasing dimpling, which can be caused when sheet metal is exposed to uneven vacuum pressure. The new VCF Vacuum Cup line is environmentally friendly with an aluminum insert that detaches from the urethane cup for easy recycling.

VCF Vacuum Cups, interchangeable with all of Norgren Automotive’s other vacuum cups, come in three convenient sizes; 75 mm, 100 mm and 125 mm. In addition, as all VCF cups are the same height, there is no time lost in tooling setup when changing between different cup diameters within the VCF product family.

Norgren Automotive, a subsidiary of IMI plc, offers the industry’s broadest product line of pneumatic components for automotive factory automation, and is committed to achieving optimum delivery efficiency while maintaining top quality and safety standards.