Here’s something that might interest those responsible for plant or dealership maintenance, and maybe used car preparation: Goodyear Engineered Products and Barens, Inc., have developed ‘SpiraFlow’ pressure washer hose, with a “non-pooling hydra-channel design” that allows water and cleaning fluids to drain beneath it, rather than build up behind it.

The new hose is claimed to avoid cleaning fluid puddles and the dirt and soap residue left behind as well as the reduction of “clean spots,” which occur when pooled water and cleaning fluids leave a clean mark on a surface not commissioned for cleanup.

The new hose has a spiral-grooved surface that breaks the seal between the hose and surface being cleaned, allowing cleaning fluids and dirt to pass under the hose.

That and a flexible heavy-duty cover are said to reduce friction and wear, because less hose surface is in contact with ground, and hoses should last longer.