has developed a mobile TV receiver claimed to dramatically improve in-car reception
to in-home quality.

Produced by the Fuba subsidiary, the Gen II TV diversity reception system uses
multiple in-glass or composite body structure antennas coupled with integrated
amplifiers and patented ‘ScanDiv’ technology to provide colour TV
reception worldwide.

The new receiver works with a four-antenna system that automatically switches
to the best video antenna when the vehicle is moving.



The system is said to provide in-home quality for vehicle TV systems and also
uses an independent audio diversity system to receive the best source for those

The system is designed to receive worldwide TV standards including NTSC (North
America), PAL (Europe) and SECAM (France) formats.

The receiver uses a custom-designed tuner made by Microtune for Delphi. The
tuner is approximately half the size of traditional vehicle tuners enabling
multiple tuners to be easily configured in the system.

Also featured is automatic spectrum scanning for alternative frequencies. This
allows break-free reception of programmes over long trips.

The new Delphi TV receiver will be introduced in Europe this year and in the
U.S. soon after.

The system also includes two audio/video inputs for DVD, VCR or other video
equipment in the rear seat and interface outputs for two monitors and RGB interface
inputs for two video signals (SVHS, RGB).

It also comes with an infrared remote control with a menu that includes 12
fixed storage locations, 10 auto-store locations, station seek and brightness,
contrast and saturation controls.

The receiver will make its production debut this year on two unnamed European
vehicles, Delphi said.

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