Moller International and advanced transportation developer ZAP (Zero Air Pollution) have signed an agreement to jointly develop new transportation products.

New products under consideration will use technology developed for the Moller M400 Skycar, and the company’s ultra-low emissions, alternative fuel-compatible rotary engine technology.

ZAP, which makes electric scooters, bicycles and other forms of advanced transportation, intends to assist Moller by working with its manufacturing partners to explore possibilities for production of the Skycar and other technologies that meet the two companies’ goals for quality and affordability.

Moller International was formed in 1983 and is the developer of the Skycar, a four-person vertical takeoff and landing aircraft currently undergoing initial flight-testing. The Skycar is claimed to provide an airborne alternative to 85% of the miles now traveled by cars.

ZAP was founded in 1994 to develop and commercialise transportation alternatives using the latest in electric technologies and has delivered more than 75,000 vehicles to customers worldwide.