Mobility Concepts has announced that it has been named as the sole source provider of a mobile computing solution custom designed for a major US auto manufacturer.

The company said that the development follows a three-year, in-house software development project to produce a software solution for inspecting vehicles as they roll down the assembly line.

The auto manufacturer looked to Mobility Concepts to conceive a complementary hardware solution that permits inspectors to quickly scan a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and wirelessly transmit information back to a central database.

The hardware solution developed by Mobility Concepts is listed in the auto manufacturer’s company catalogue as the company’s “preferred solution”, and includes a Fujitsu P-600 pen-based tablet, custom case, custom battery and a custom scanner.

Mobility Concepts says it has recently received an initial $45,000 purchase order from one of the 25 manufacturing plants worldwide owned by the auto company. Although each plant is not required to order the solution, the software application developed by the manufacturer for use in its plants was designed to work in tandem with a handheld device.