Bibendum holding Michelin’s new
Radio Frequency Identification Data
(RFID) transponder and antenna for
Michelin’s new tyre identification

Michelin in North America has unveiled what it describes as a ‘futuristic system’ that will reveal tyre data including pressure, identification number, manufacturing history, size etc. Michelin says the system offers obvious benefits to manufacturers, traders and customers alike.

Michelin’s system is based on a transponder the size of a matchstick head that is vulcanised into the tyre. Michelin’s Radio Frequency Identification Data (RFID) transponder enables the downloading of all data into a hand-held or mounted reader, up to 600mm from the tyre wall.

RFID consists of an antenna and an integrated circuit that has a higher data capacity than a bar code. Michelin says that future generations of Michelin’s RFID will be able to communicate with the vehicle’s computers giving information not only about tyre pressures, but also data such as ride characteristics, suspension stiffness and ride comfort for a given road surface.

Michelin believes it is the only tyre manufacturer to have industrialised this kind of system and has offered the technology to the automotive industry ‘to secure standardisation for all tyre and vehicle makers’.