Mexican Industries in Michigan and Hematite, a Pavaco Group Company, have entered into a joint venture to produce laminated, die cut and formed TPE/PE components for the automotive industry. This process is a result of extensive development by Hematite and the introduction to the marketplace last year of their SoundGuard(TM) and AquaGuard(TM) components within the BodyGuard family of products. The joint venture company has been established as Aguirre Hematite Manufacturing, L.L.C. (AHM).

Hematite is an innovative supplier of engineered components for noise control, airflow and water deflection systems to the automotive industry. Committed to protecting the environment for future generations, Hematite(TM) supplies components manufactured from 100 percent recycled and recyclable materials to its global customer base.

Mexican Industries, which was founded by the late Hank Aguirre, a former all-star pitcher with the Detroit Tigers, is a leading automotive supplier of interior trim, plastics and air bag components. Mexican Industries currently has three joint ventures in operation; Dos Manos, Aguirre Collins & Aikman Plastics (ACAP), and Aguirre Safety Technologies (AST), a joint venture with TRW.

Aguirre Hematite Manufacturing has obtained a substantial initial order from General Motors for its new line of trucks being introduced early next year. “We have received some interest from Ford Motor Company and intend to approach DaimlerChrysler, new domestics and systems integrators with our product offering,” said Rod Adams, President of Mexican Industries. John Pavanel, President of Hematite, said, “This gives us an opportunity to work together with Mexican Industries to explore areas where individually, the achievement would have taken longer to develop.”