DaimlerChrysler has set a target of 2006 for regaining its standing atop the quality charts, its top car executive says.

Juergen Hubbert, board member responsible for Mercedes-Benz and Smart, told Automotive News Europe the carmaker is “working like hell” to correct the glitches that have plagued the electronic control systems in Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz spokesman Geoff Day said there is no specific quality survey or timeline the company is citing as a target and attaining No. 1 status is more of an internal commitment.

Speaking at a JD Power and Associates industry conference, Hubbert said: “We have bugs in the system. We have to learn the right way to organise electronics and have the same reliability standards.”

He quickly added, “Who is in the lead always has the biggest problems.”

Mercedes-Benz has fared badly in recent owner surveys, such as the AutoMarxx report prepared by the ADAC, Germany’s largest automotive club, or the JD Power & Associates durability study.

But a website run by disgruntled customers, Mercedes-Benz-usa.com, also has appeared. The website has developed a “Mercedes Benz Problem Resolution Guide” for US Mercedes customers who are unsatisfied with their cars or with the carmaker’s employees.

Mercedes-Benz’s disappointing results are mainly associated with quality problems and electronics failures.