Vertel‘s CORBA-Based Solution Chosen for Size, Reliability

Vertel® Corp. (Nasdaq:VRTL – news), a leading provider of mediation software for telecommunications networks, has announced that Mannesmann Vdo Ag has purchased e*ORB core technology for the purpose of developing a prototype in its vehicle telecommunications architecture.

“We selected e*ORB because its small footprint and telecom-grade reliability make it an ideal solution for telecommunications architecture within motor vehicles where space and performance are a significant issue,” said Chris Wild, software chief architect for the TLA program of Mannesmann VDO AG.

To date, the VDO sale represents Vertel’s fifth purchase agreement for e*ORB core technology announced during the second half of 2000. e*ORB combines the interoperability of the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) with the performance, reliability and scalability required to develop and deploy integrated voice/data/video services over optical, IP and wireless networks.

“We are very pleased that VDO is using e*ORB for developing prototypes,” said Cyrus D. Irani, president and chief executive officer of Vertel. “We believe that through the prototyping process, VDO will come to appreciate the reliability that e*ORB can deliver in such a small footprint. We look forward to a long-term successful relationship with VDO.”

About VDO

VDO is a systems partner to motor vehicle manufacturers all over the world and a supplier of automotive components and systems, such as information and cockpit systems, navigation, telematics, communication and audio systems as well as engine control and fuel systems. Together with Mannesmann Sachs, VDO constitutes the Mannesmann Automotive Group.

About Vertel

Vertel is a leading provider of mediation software for telecommunications networks, enabling a variety of devices such as mobile devices to become an integral, intelligent part of a company’s network topology.

The company’s pioneering mediation software, e*ORB(TM), continues to be adopted by top telecommunications, e-business and manufacturing companies. Vertel offers a variety of technologies and applications, supporting end-to-end network and service management with the highest quality of service for network operations.

Vertel solutions are deployed worldwide by service providers, network operators, software vendors and systems integrators. Vertel also develops turnkey management applications that fit individual customer requirements through its Professional Services Unit. Based in Woodland Hills, the company also has sales offices throughout the world.