Automation and pneumatics supplier, ISI Norgren, today announced the company is changing its name to Norgren Automotive, Inc., according to Guy Potok, president.

“The name ‘Norgren Automotive,’ is an outward symbol of the exciting changes which are going on in our company,” Potok said. “The Norgren world logo offers us the advantage of global brand recognition with the added strength of the Norgren name, continuing our 44 years of dedication to the automotive industry.”

Potok added that recent operational improvements, including QS-9000/TE certification, a new preferred product line, adoption of the six sigma business philosophy, and newly implemented changes in the company’s manufacturing processes position Norgren Automotive as a world-class company with a bright future.

“Our recent QS-9000/TE certification demonstrates the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction,” Potok said. “Norgren Automotive is a company committed to unsurpassed quality in products and customer service.”

The preferred product line, derived from the company’s core product list, offers customers the convenience of 4-day shipment from the date of order placement for its most popular products. Customers will not have to store large quantities of extra parts on site, nor will they experience long waits to receive their orders, which drives efficiencies in project and cash flow management.

Norgren Automotive, Inc. (formerly ISI Norgren), a subsidiary of IMI plc, offers the industry’s broadest product line of pneumatic components for automotive factory automation, and is committed to achieving optimum delivery efficiency while maintaining top quality and safety standards.