New vehicle incentives for US buyers fell slightly in January from December’s generous levels though Autodata said the average incentive from Detroit’s traditional Big Three climbed to $US3,808 per vehicle, up about $100 from December when they were all engaged in costly year-end promotions to boost market share.

According to Reuters, that increase was partly offset in the industry total by decreases in incentives from some Asian carmakers and a decline in overall incentives on European brands.

Among the six largest manufacturers, top-ranked General Motors offered the largest average January incentive at $4,189 per vehicle, Chrysler was close behind at $3,904 and Ford offered an average incentive of $3,215 per vehicle.

Reuters said the Asian carmakers spent far less overall and actually managed to trim their average spending from December though Nissan increased its month-over-month incentive spending by 24.3% to $1,704 per vehicle.

Toyota Motor offered January incentives averaging just $851 per vehicle, down $27 per vehicle from December, while Honda spent $582 per vehicle in January, down from $684 in December, the Reuters report said.