IMPCO Technologies Inc. has announced an agreement with Ford of Argentina that means BRC will equip three Ford models with their advanced CNG Sequent Fuel System.

IMPCO says that gaseous fuelled vehicles in Argentina are very popular because of the lower price of CNG at $1.69/gal. versus petrol at $5.17/gal.

Argentina, the company adds, has a larger number of CNG vehicles in operation than any other country.

Mr. Mariano Costamagna, President of BRC stated, “Production will begin in September 2004 for 2005 model year vehicles at our facilities in Argentina. Annual revenues, when in full production, are projected to exceed $1 million.” He further stated that other OEM’s were also interested in the Sequent Fuel System for application to their vehicles.

BRC’s Sequent Fuel System utilises electronic fuel injectors similar to those used by OEM’s for traditional liquid fuels, meaning that the system can also be applied to a wide range of vehicle models, the company says.