Automotive News reports that IBM has begun selling new software to help automakers and suppliers collect and analyse large quantities of data – including handwritten notes from mechanics – to more quickly identify problems that could lead to costly recalls.
IBM joins other companies, including Attensity Corp., ClearForest Corp. and Intelliseek Inc., in offering this early warning software.

Some automakers, including General Motors and Ford Motor Co., have been testing this type of technology with the hope of making a dent in the industry’s annual $14 billion warranty claim problem, AN reported.
The software can analyze data collected from a variety of sources, including warranty claims, maintenance records, call-center logs, repair requests, online chat rooms and blogs, said Jan Beauchamp, IBM’s general manager of global automotive industry.

“We’re able to take data and turn it into information so you can really predict, analyze and reflect on the problems earlier, and we believe that will result in lower warranty costs,” Beauchamp told Automotive News.