Hyundai Motor America has begun full operations at its first inland processing centre in Texas.  Located in Fort Worth, the Alliance centre processes all vehicles for the states of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

Vehicles for the four states  were previously processed by HMA’s Portland, Oregon port, which serviced 51 dealerships in the region.

Hyundai estimates the processing centre investment at $3.3 million for the 2002 year alone.  The 14,150 square foot  centre includes offices, production and body shops. 

Combined, Hyundai and Auto Warehousing Company (AWC), the company responsible for processing the vehicles, employ 20 people, including one port manager, administrative staff and full time ‘associates’.

In addition to providing better service for Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana dealerships, the Alliance centre allows the Portland port operation to enhance service to the remaining 183 dealers in the Western and Central regions.

In addition to the Alliance and Portland centres, HMA operates ports in Newark, New Jersey, Brunswick, Georgia, and Wilmington, California.

The Alliance facility, which was leased in the first quarter of last year and began limited operations in April 2001, has received several improvements to the existing structure, including the addition of an automated car wash and a full service paint and body shop.  Full operations officially began at the facility in November 2001 and the processing centre is expected to handle approximately 32,000 vehicles in 2002.