Hyundai is first to use BorgWarner TorqTransfer Systems’ Interactive Torque Management I system which debuts on the Santa Fe SUV this month.

The system uses electronic sensors and microcomputer controls to sense slippage in a vehicle’s front wheels and automatically transfers power to the rear wheels. Then, when the front wheels are no longer slipping, the system reduces or eliminates power to the rear wheels.  This is claimed to enhance vehicle handling and traction while improving fuel economy.

ITM-I is fully interactive to work with other systems such as anti-lock brake systems and electronic stability programmes to further enhance traction and stability. The integrated, self-contained system is claimed to provide greater reliability and durability while lowering weight and cost.

BorgWarner TorqTransfer Systems developed and supplies the ITM hardware, control strategy and the electronic control unit for the system which is made in Seneca, South Carolina.