SmarTire Systems Inc. has announced today that its Korean partner, Hyundai Autonet (HACO) has officially launched its jointly developed tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) for the Korean and Japanese markets.

The TPMS is targeted at both the new car and the aftermarket customers in Korea and Japan. It is the culmination of a joint development project between SmarTire and HACO that was announced in February 2003. Under the terms of the agreement, HACO is permitted to market and sell the system in Korea while SmarTire retains the sales and marketing rights to Japan and the rest of world.

The jointly developed system is designed to meet the stringent radio frequency regulatory standards of Korea and Japan (ARIB STD-T67) that limits the signal strength allowed for the sensors to transmit tire data.

For the new car market, the SmarTire / HACO TPMS system includes in-wheel mounted sensors and a receiver module that may be integrated within the vehicle. In the aftermarket configuration, the receiver is integrated into a single unit with a digital display.

“This launch is the end result of a cooperative effort by SmarTire and HACO that started many months ago to address the important Korean and Japanese passenger car and commercial vehicle markets,” says Robert Rudman, President and CEO of SmarTire. “Extensive research and development was required to design and manufacture a TPMS system compliant with the strict regulations for radio frequency and the final product introduced this week in Korea represents a major milestone for both of our companies.”