Honda has announced a series of recalls in the US, including around 300,000 Accords and CRVs, due to faulty airbags.

In the case of the Accord, the recall affects 2008 and 2009 model year cars following reports of 19 injuries resulting from side airbags inflating when doors are slammed too hard.

In the case of CRVs, a limited number of 2016 model year vehicles are being recalled because of the potential for airbags to rupture in a crash, sending metal fragments flying. Just 30 units had been sold before dealers were told to halt sales.

Separately, federal government officials last month confirmed eight people have died and a further 98 have been injured nationwide as a result of Takata airbags inflating with too much force.

Some 19m vehicles from 12 manufacturers have been recalled in the US because of Takata airbag defects.