The Hertz Corporation and RLM Software have added real-time technology to Hertz’ online car rental system. Tracking customer flights using current radar data, FlightView automatically notifies Hertz of a flight’s status. The main advantage of the system is that customers providing Hertz with flight details will find their rental car waiting for them, no matter when the plane arrives- early, late or on time.

Hertz says the new technology will cut down waiting times for customers as well as enabling Hertz to make operational improvements, including better space and fleet utilisation.

Claude Burgess, Vice President, Technology and e-Business for Hertz said: “FlightView enables Hertz to prepare customers’ rental cars while they are in flight, thus ensuring that vehicles are ready for customers upon their arrival. In addition to the customer benefits, information gleaned from the database allows Hertz to plan its operations in a more effective manner.”