Goodyear Tyre & Rubber, North America’s largest tyre maker, said it reached a tentative agreement on Wednesday with The United Steelworkers of America on a new three-year labour contract, according to Bloomberg News.

Local union members must approve the agreement, Goodyear said in a prepared statement cited by the news agency which added that the steelworkers union said details of the proposed accord won’t be made public until union members have a chance to review the details.

Goodyear and the United Steelworkers, representing 16,000 active workers and another 3,000 on indefinite layoff at 14 US factories, restarted talks in Cincinnati on August 6 after a month’s hiatus and the company and the union bargained past a Friday deadline set by the company, Bloomberg News noted.

Union officials have said only that their priorities are job security and health care coverage for employees at 14 plants in Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Illinois, Alabama, Nebraska, Wisconsin, New York, Kansas, Texas and Tennessee and 22,000 retired workers, Bloomberg News added.