The United Auto Workers and General Motors Corp. announced a tentative labour deal on Thursday, completing negotiations with the Big Three automakers. The UAW also struck a deal on Thursday with GM’s former unit and its largest auto parts supplier, Delphi Corp. which had reportedly been a sticking point in the GM negotiations.

The deals end days of intense negotiations after the union had reached pacts with DaimlerChrysler‘s Chrysler arm, Ford and its largest parts supplier Visteon earlier this week.

“In the last five days, we have successfully concluded negotiations with five of the largest manufacturers in the world,” UAW President Ron Gettelfinger said at a news conference on Thursday in remarks reported by Reuters. “That’s five in five. What they do and how they do it basically touches everyone worldwide in one way or another.”

Reuters noted that the contracts with the five industrial giants, subject to rank-and-file approval, cover about 760,000 active and retired workers and their spouses. The previous contracts expired at midnight on Sunday.