Armor Holdings, a leading manufacturer and distributor of security products and vehicle armour systems has announced the launch of the ‘IE-Defense System’ claimed to be the world’s first SUV and commercial vehicle armour system to protect against attacks from Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

The IE-Defense System is described by Armor as ‘a unique multiple threat system that can be applied to various commercially-available Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and other passenger vehicles’.

The company says it protects the vehicle’s occupants against an IED attack and subsequent attack by assault rifle with armour-piercing bullets. Some 75 per cent of attacks on vehicles involve IEDs rather than bullets, so the system has been tested to withstand high-energy fragments up to 20mm, typically the largest fragment from a roadside bomb.

Dr Tony Russell, Chief Technology Officer for Armor Holdings said: “As IED attacks have become more commonplace, particularly in Southwest Asia, a growing number of government officials, private contractors, NGOs, private individuals need protection.”
“IE-Defense System is a major step towards neutralising the threat many of these people have to face every day,” Dr Russell added.