Corporation has developed a new type of cost-effective, high-performance, intelligent
light sensor to control the dimming of its rearview mirrors.

The proprietary technology is already in production for a new mirror, and may
also be used in future products.

The new technology improves performance while reducing complexity and consists
of a tiny CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) chip that contains
a light-sensing element and the additional electronic circuitry necessary to
communicate light levels to a microprocessor.

Because the device is similar to a computer chip, it’s inexpensive, durable,
and easy to manufacture. And, because it’s a digital device, it doesn’t require
external circuitry, such as a signal amplifier or analog to digital converter,
allowing the Zeeland, Michigan-based mirror maker to reduce the complexity of
its circuit boards.

Gentex has applied for U.S. and foreign patents for the new technology and
related inventions.

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